The Room Digital Studio is now the areas only Pro Tools equipped studio.

This is a 16 input Pro Tools System with 64 total tracks. The core of the studio is a dual quad core PC, with 6 gigs of RAM running on a tera-byte drive with dual split screen display for easy reviews and editing.

The system is loaded with multiple soft synths, effects and dynamics by SSL, Digidesign, Waves, Reason and others. The system is interfaced with the Digi 003 and PreSonus Digimax 8, all with high end pre amps.

Our main vocal mic is the Rode NT 2000 as well as AKG SolidTube. Other mics include Sennheiser 421’s, Shure Beta 56’s, 57’s and 58’s and the AKG C 1000’s.

Featuring large rooms, lounge and a vocal booth, this is THE place to record your project and we have been doing it since 2000.

The Room doubles as a full video production suite featuring Pinnacle with hundreds of transitions, effects, text editing and DVD creation tools.

*Solo artists
*Wedding videos
*Event videos
*Business presentations
*Bereavement presentations
*Custom song creation
*Houses of Worship and choirs
*Comedy acts and more!

Bring your old photos, your vinyl, cassettes, VHS tapes, and ideas to THE ROOM DIGITAL STUDIO… Big city sound… small city price!