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Thanks American Legion Post 96 Lima, Ohio !!! Got crazy on North Shore! Met a lo…

Thanks American Legion Post 96 Lima, Ohio !!! Got crazy on North Shore! Met a lot of really nice people last night...thanks for the hospitality and thanks to Tom and Ron for hooking us up!

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April 4 Finding Eggfoot “Johnny Cat!”…

April 4 Finding Eggfoot

“Johnny Cat!” That’s what it sounded like. A voice from the back kept yelling, “Johnny Cat!” It was a female voice (I think) so I asked her to clarify. You see, in my neighborhood, Johnny Cat has an urban dictionary type meaning. Like saying your “cousins” stopped by. I challenged the assembly of Froggy patrons to guess the nature of that particular colloquialism, but all we got was more… “Johnny Cat!”

Turns out she was saying, Johnny Cash. Oh, what you must be thinking of me. Well, at least it wasn’t what I was thinking. It literally sounded like a distress call. All it took was a little Folsom Prison Blues to put an end to that angst ridden plea. Dang! After a while it started to sound more and more like an alley cat trying to make a late night booty call. Zoinks! I’m just glad we were able to put some musical salve on that tenderoni.

Two other requests from that night come to mind. One came from Madame Longskirt. It really wasn’t a request, but more of a scolding. “Come on Mer Fers!” I won’t spell it out, but she certainly spoke the words. Somehow between, calling the shots, tuning, dialing in the proper keyboard patch, and the general switching and fidgeting, one lovely young broad was getting a bit impatient. She wanted to grace us with her best whirling dervish, without the lag. AND she did it without the fez on BTW. Go figure. All apologies to Madame Longskirt…and a Cheers by the way!

Next was Beanie Oliver. His request for Led Zeppelin brought about a timely version of, D’yer Mak’er, but I think what he was really looking for was Going to California. All apologies to Beanie as well. It would be nice if we could re-do that one, but…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, things were on a slow simmer. The crowd noise was definitely hitting the decibel meter, not to mention a respectable dance floor, but this time of year is what we call our Grapefruit League, so it’s not quite the hot, hot sizzlin’, poppin’ fajita skillet of summertime. Cheers to Colonel Mustard, Pickle, Leather Wolf, Fugazi, White Denim, Lacey Grace, Wicked Tuna, Fuchsia Fuqua, Professor Plum, Skipper, Skippy, Muddy Mud Skipper, and Skip for their alcohol infused gyrations. There were more, but that might take too long. Those that participated in “the dance” did bring a taste of warmer weather wackiness to the proceedings, and for that we thank them. Cheers to the dance floor!

Those that didn’t, still seemed to benefit from our salty brand of pop rock therapy from their seats, so Cheers also go out to, Kelly Ripa, TJ Redstrip, Ashley, Tessca, Big Rig, Steve Austin, Julie Summers, Jack Tripper, Chrissy Snow, Janet Wood, Ralph Furley, Helen Roper, Mark Goodson, and Bill Todman. I thought I saw Charles Nelson Riley, but it was too dark to tell.

But out of all of those that came, saw and conquered, the most special appearance was from birthday girl Luann. I can’t say that I really know her, but everything I’ve heard about her has been extremely positive. She’s a strong and beautiful person. Most times you don’t get a 100% approval rating, but she did, hands down. Cheers and Happy Birthday to Luann!

Actually it was Luann’s birthday party, in particular her beaux hunk John Carter’s observational and gathering skills that reeled in our annual bevy of high quality Chinese plastic Easter eggs. Plus the candy and cash. We didn’t hear one “peep” about any eggcellent discoveries the entire night, so we weren’t sure whether there was a delivery from Peter Cottontail or not. We put in a work order, but just like our flyers, sometimes they get hopelessly lost in the process, never to be heard from again. Speaking of flyers…

You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, but I ran across some images of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film of an alleged Bigfoot. The article suggested that the original images had been tampered with to give the appearance of a hoax. When they showed the “actual” photos…WOW! Perhaps those iconic forrest giants are in fact what we call the Easter Bunny today. HHHMMM. Good luck trying to figure all that out. At least it produced a decent flyer. Cheers to Froggy’s for hanging them up!

And so as the night dialed down to a trickle, we were left with a small panel sitting at a table up front staring and swiping their phones as Jerry Seinfeld would say, like gay French kings. Dang! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It just felt like we were at an audition in front of high profile executives. We pounded out those last couple songs (Crazy Train included) while they completely ignored the outside world… including us. Good thing it was short lived because it was definitely awkward. Cheers to Simon and the Aloofs!

I guess we’ve gotten used to it over the last few years. The night before Easter has traditionally tended to fizzle…my nizzle, for shizzle. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

Seriously, overall we had a great night filled with back slappin’, drinkin’, singin’, dancin’ and as they say in fishing circles, we definitely caught our limit. Now it’s time to pack them in the freezer and wait until we get a fish fry, frying.

We’re not back at the world famous Indian Lake resort until Memorial Day Weekend, but my prediction is that it should be a good one. Wait, a fantastic one. Wait, a ‘Fintastic one!

P.S. If you’re in the Lima area this Saturday April 18th, stop by the American Legion (North Shore Drive) where we’ll be mixing it up again from 8:00 to 11:30. If you’re not, get here anyway!

Don’t forget our annual Rally for the Rose Tour 2015 on May 15 &16. We’re going to attempt our very own, one of a kind ‘Fin Art Exhibit inside Art Space. HHHMM. Guess we’d better get busy.

Until the next Tight Knit, Close Fit, True Grit adventure…

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Tonight… make the short trip to North Shore and join us… let's do this…:)

Tonight... make the short trip to North Shore and join us... let's do this...:)

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