June 26 – Knoxville Crunch

  June 26 -  Knoxville Crunch “Man we seen (saw) you guys were at Luke’s in Bluffton, so I called up my friends and said, Hey, let’s go check out the ‘Fins!” How sweet. My life long buddy Doug had corralled a big group to come see the band, and he sounded so excited about it too. Wow! Ain’t that a peach? From there we started making small talk about the terrible weather and all the things that had been canceled lately. In turn, that lead to a casual mention about Nashville Crush canceling Lima’s Rally in the Square that night due to the rain. HHHMMM. Really? Doink! That’s when the light went on. I realized we were nothing but a big old fat plan B. Well that at least explained the western attire. I’m sure Doug left his ten gallon hat in the car. Oh well, what else is new? Been there, done that…not a big deal, but I had to give Doug some grief, especially on the mic, so I started off by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen Doug is here tonight, and that could only mean one thing…the Rally in Lima was canceled.” The small eruption only fueled my fire. I followed up by saying to make him feel more at home, we (in homage) would rename the band, Knoxville Crunch for the night. Before I go any further, let me just say there is no beef whatsoever with Nashville Crush. None, nada, zero, zip so don’t even try it. Those guys are consummate professionals, they kick ass and take names (and credit cards!:). So if there is any negative vibe taken from this note, it would only be a distortion of the facts. Cheers to Nashville Crush! Cheers also to Mr. Brick, Juicebox, Doggie Bag Dancer, Babyface, David Crosby, the Bearcat Bros, Strother Martin, Burger Queen, Dairy King, RZD, Blainius Maximus, Tess La, Spicy Pepper, ‘Lil Kim, Kelly Clarkson, Melanie, Steve Austin, Fender Bender, Otty Banks, Oran “Sure” Bert, Billy Rubin, El Rod, J-Rod, Tifftin, Justy and quite a few others that will remain nameless to protect their innocence. It was a typically laid back Luke’s gathering complete with the awkward staring up and down from the family up front that wasn’t expecting a band. Woopsy. What we had there was a failure to communicate! Luckily the Buckeye bash table was close at hand to lend a bit of support. And thankfully we were able to accommodate their requests for Seger and Sloppy. OOPS! Hang on, I meant Sloopy. Wow. It probably was sloppy. Whew! After having been shifted from the patio due to the rain, I must say we certainly found a sweet spot inside the building. A goldilocks zone if you will. Nothing really different from the normal set up, but for some reason our harmonies seemed to have a particular resonance that made it sound like we knew what we were doing and the music in turn fell right into a tight spiral. Nice. It doesn’t always happen that way, but when it does… So… just before we started Musical Youth’s, Pass the Dutchie, I mentioned to Doug that he might not have heard that song if he was at the Rally. Once we started, some dude pops up waving his phone back and forth recording like he just captured a Kardashian wardrobe malfunction. He looked giddy about it. Wha…? HUH? Turns out he claimed to have just landed the bus driving job for Nashville Crush. Seriously? I guess he was collecting evidence. Honestly, going into this night I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of hullabaloo, but I think we ended up with a few handfuls of it. Outside of Doggy Bag Dancer, there wasn’t a lot of dance fever, but we sounded good, mixed up the songs, had a few laughs and those that were there, stayed there. It was that rare feeling of intimacy between crowd and band. Actually the rain may have helped our efforts, because if it would’ve been a perfect summer night, maybe people would’ve stayed home. Or went to the Rally. And with that, the short career of Knoxville Crunch ended. It was fun to take on another identity for a few hours and hopefully no one starts looking for where Knoxville Crunch is playing next. If you are, sorry about that. From here on in it’s the Indoorfins. Unless we decide to fulfill our fantasy of playing Air Supply music a la Poison. We’d definitely call it Hair Supply. Until the next Tag Patrolled, Rick Rolled, Pure Gold adventure…
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We Are Made (Lyrics in Description section)

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